Teacher education programs

Teacher Education Programs are organization members in Montessori Institute of America and pay annual membership dues. In Accordance with MIA Bylaws, organization members have the right to vote in the election of Trustees and on other matters at MIA Membership Meetings. MIA has Teacher Education Programs in several countries.

MIA encourages all Teacher Education Programs to be MACTE accredited or to be in the process of acquiring accreditation. MIA is a proud affiliate of MACTE and the process for certification by MIA follows MACTE guidelines.

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How do I start a Teacher Education Program (TEP)?

1. Establish a business that will include a teacher education program. Arrange for a business owner, name of business and obtain the necessary business license(s) according to your local and regional requirements. 2. Arrange a site for on-site instruction for scheduled use during course trainings and practice time, seminars, and workshops, etc. including: A teaching site having one or more rooms large enough to accommodate shelving of the complete inventory of materials required for each course level of instruction, tables & chairs for adult learners. Site should have adequate lighting, ventilation, power & water supplies, waste disposal, etc. An office space large enough to enable staff members to function effectively, enable storage of records and material, and enable consultations with adult learns.​ 3. If your business is going to have a logo, it must be significantly dissimilar from the MIA logo so as to appear different to the eye.

Will I need faculty and staff?

Yes. You will need a TEP Director as well as a Program Director. In many cases, these two positions can be held by the same person. You will need faculty including Course Level Trainers/Instructors for the training level you have chosen to supply (Infant-Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary), Course Level Coordinators, Practicum Site Coordinators, etc. In many cases, one person may hold more than one position. You will need staff to take care of paperwork (correspondence, adult learner registrations, etc.) and to maintain your site (sanitation, maintenance, answering phones, etc.).

When will MIA certify my TEP?

Teacher Education Programs (TEPs) application forms are reviewed on a quarterly basis. TEPs may submit these documents and payment by August 1, November 1, February 1, or May 1. The quarterly process is well documented in Application-Processing-Cycle. (click here) You may contact the MIA Certification Review Committee at any point in the process of establishing your TEP. The Committee will maintain contact with you, notify you of the next necessary steps in the process, and be available to answer your questions.

What is MACTE?

MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council of Teacher Education) is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to setting and maintaining standards for academic degree and certificate programs for Montessori professional educators to assure the public of their quality. Find out more about MACTE by visiting the MACTE website. MIA is a proud affiliate of MACTE and the process for certification by MIA (TEP, teachers, and practicum sites) follows MACTE guidelines.