Board of Trustees nomination


The Montessori Institute of America is a non-profit international Montessori organization whose purpose is to foster and encourage the Montessori Method of teaching throughout the world. In addition, MIA’s purpose focuses particular emphasis on the training and certifying of Montessori teachers and to furnish information, guidance, and instruction.


  1. Complete a Nomination Form for each nominee. Make the case that your nominee deserves this nomination in your responses to the long-answer questions. (Nominee will be contacted and will be given the opportunity to elaborate on information on the Nomination Form.)

  2. Submit the completed Nomination Form. You may also download a Word copy and submit it to MIA Nominations Committee by email or by mail. Nominations must be received by MIA no later than the close of business day Pacific Standard Time (PST) on February 12, 2021.

Email address:      

Subject line: Nominations Committee

Mailing address:

Montessori Institute of America

6107 SW Murray Blvd. #306

Beaverton, OR 97008 USA

MIA Board of Trustees will notify each nominee of his/her nomination and supply information concerning the function and duties of the Board and its committees. An election of Board Trustees is scheduled for – April 2, 2021.


MIA is looking for people who have an interest in Montessori education, are hard workers, and have proven themselves successful in their life’s endeavors. The MIA Board has a continuing need for a diverse group of men and women who will boldly advise with objectivity and wisdom, and will responsibly work to achieve the goals set by the Board and its committees.


  • Must be MIA members in good standing (current paid MIA membership)

  • Must be conversant in the English language. Trustee meetings are held in person or on Zoom.

  • Must be computer literate. Trustees regularly communicate by email and frequently access group files on file sharing sites.

  • Must have a genuine interest in Montessori Method of education

  • Must have a genuine interest in volunteering their time and energy toward forwarding the mission of Montessori Institute of America.