trainers and field supervisors

Course Instructors (Trainers) and Field Supervisors perform a key role in the training and mentoring of the adult learner who is working to complete a Course Level training program.

Frequently asked questions

How is a course instructor (trainer) different from a field supervisor?

Field Supervisor and Course Instructor positions require very similar qualifications and hold similar responsibilities. The two positions may be held by the same person. Both positions provide course instruction to the adult learner, support the adult learner with their endeavors, and work with the Program Director. The position of Field Supervisor includes the responsibility of visiting the adult learner at their practicum site and of coordinating with the Program Director regarding practicum sites and adult learners.

How is a course instructor different from a guest lecturer?

A Course Instructor must have a Montessori credential for the Course Level at which the instructor is teaching, if teaching MIA Montessori core curriculum (as described in MIA Certification Standards & Procedures). If teaching only Montessori Philosophy, the Montessori credential may be for any Course Level. Also, the Course Instructor must have at least three (3) years of Montessori teaching experience in a classroom with children at the level of the credential. A Guest Lecturer is an expert who is invited by the Program Director to present their specialized knowledge, training, and experience (such as Music, Art, etc.) as enrichment to course training. A Guest Lecturer is not required to have a Montessori credential, but is expected to have a good sense of how their specialized subject would fit within a Montessori classroom.

What qualifications do I need to qualify as a course instructor or field supervisor?

MIA requires that all Course Instructors have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (lacking a degree or equivalent, a professional portfolio may be submitted)
  • A recognized Montessori teaching credential for the Course Level being taught
  • Three (3) years of teaching experience in a Montessori classroom with children at the level of the credential
  • Experience teaching adults (including presentations at conferences, workshops, parent education, etc.)
  • Evidence of continuing professional growth within last three years
with the following exceptions:
  • Elementary Course Level Instructor must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (professional portfolio will not be accepted) and both the Elementary and Early Childhood Montessori Credential.
MIA requires the same qualifications for Field Supervisor with the following exception:
  • A Field Supervisor must have a recognized Montessori teaching credential for the age level being supervised.

How do I become a MIA-approved course instructor or field supervisor?

1. Read the MIA Certification Standards & Procedures to ensure that you meet the qualifications for Course Instructor and/or Field Supervisor. 2. Visit MIA Event Calendar for the schedule of upcoming Training of Trainers Seminars and register for the your appropriate Course Level. 3. Attend the Training of Trainers Seminar to become an MIA approved trainer.